Preventing Mosquitos

One of the most annoying insects that you can come across are mosquitoes.  These insects carry disease, are an annoyance and really serve no purpose.  When dealing with them you want to contact mosquito service grove city for help on removing the infestation.  However, before you do that you try to get rid of them yourself.

Remove water

Mosquitoes love to be near water.  They use it to drink and lay their eggs.  If you have water near your house such as a lake, pond or other bodies of water they will tend to be plentiful throughout their mating season.  If you don’t live near water but rather have standing water in your yard or near your home, it is important that you have it removed as quickly as possible.

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Light candles and fires

You don’t want to be a pyro but you do want to have smoke going when outside.  Mosquitoes and other annoying insects will tend to stay away from smoke.  Smoke will mess with their ability to fly as well as their desire to approach you.  The smoke also masks your scent which is the main reason that they attack people.

Use screened in porches

Your outside porches and areas will benefit from having a screen.  The screen will allow you to enjoy the outside weather while creating a barrier against the insects.  You want to make sure that the screen is secure and that you don’t have rips or holes.  If you do then you want to have them repaired or replaced.  Your screen is only as good as the spaces between the holes.

Stay inside

To avoid them all together, just stay inside and avoid going out in the early mornings or evenings.  Mosquitoes love cool weather and will be out when the dew is on the grass and when the sun is down. 

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